Place your rental order online 24/7 on our online secure order form and save $20.95 off our regular rental rate plus receive the 2nd day rental FREE. We also leave a FULL COLOUR POST CARD KEEPSAKE in the mailbox for the birthday or surprise person when we do the pre-dawn delivery and set up of the lawn display. Also the first 5 online rental orders each day will receive a FREE Happy Birthday or Surprise flag rental with their lawn card display rental.

Each Display Package includes the following:
(We offer many different character packages to choose from)

  • As many characters as the age of the person or years of celebration
  • One big character that matches the little characters
  • One main message board sign with a funny insert card saying of your choice and your personal message
  • One 4 foot Honk It’s My Birthday sign or Surprise sign
  • One 4 foot Happy Birthday or Happy whatever occasion it is banner
  • One free postcard keepsake left in their mail box or door when we do the delivery and set up.
  • Free pre-dawn delivery, set up and pick up by 4:30 am on the day of their birthday or special occasion
  • Based on availability: A free extra spinner sign that says SURPRISE on it that spins in the wind

Remember you can rent our displays for their home or work we do both
“No one gives you more than Birthday Lawn Cards and that’s a FACT”




Please Note: click on the small pictures below and a larger picture will open.

Buzzards Buzzards Flamingos Flamingos Beer Mugs Beer Mugs Foxy Ladies Foxy Ladies Bras Bras
Golf Balls Golf Balls Bumble Bees Bumble Bees Owls Owls Smiley Faces Smiley Faces Boots Boots
Hearts Hearts Sweet Bird Cool Cats New Born Baby Bottles Bull Dogs Every Dog has his day
Frogs Classy Cow Classy Cow Classy Cow Football football Roses & Roses
With Vase
Roses Jumbo Buzzard Jumbo Buzzard
Rose Wine & Cheese Roses Muscle Guy Roses Clowns clown Cows Cow Crows Crow
Dancing Pigs Dancing Pig Grey Hares Gray Hare Party Hearts Heart Old Goats Old Goat Penguins
Pink Flamingos Pink Flamingo Skunks Skunk Vultures Vulture Grey Mares Gray Mare Pumpkins Gray Mare
Witches Gray Mare Party Toads Gray Mare
Hockey Pucks Gray Mare


Funny Insert Cards Sayings For Main Message Board!

  1. With Age Comes Wisdom. You’re One Of The Wisest People I Know!
  2. I Hope You Don’t Have A Cow! Someone Said Your ________ Now!
  3. Happy Birthday Dick Head! (It says happy birthday Dick with a picture of a head).
  4. You Would Have Loved The Gift I Didn’t Bother Buying You! (Picture of gift boxes, balloons and party hats).
  5. Happy Birthday Big Fella!
  6. Happy Birthday Foxy Lady!
  7. Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s 40!
  8. It’s Your Special Day Today!
  9. Happy Birthday You Old Boot!
  10. Look Who’s Having A Birthday!
  11. The Gang’s All Here, Let’s Party!
  12. Happy Anniversary To A Cute Couple.
  13. Today Your 30 But You’re Still Dirty!
  14. It’s Time For Your Annual Raise In Age!
  15. Happy Birthday From Your Support Group!
  16. Good Thing Your Age Isn’t Your Handicap!
  17. 3 Cheers for 40 Years & Many More Beers! (With A Picture Of A Cartoon Lady And Guy Lifting Their Beer Mugs).
  18. Hey Swifty, Today You’re 50 But Still Nifty!
  19. Happy 10th Anniversary Of Your 29th Birthday!
  20. Three Cheers For Many Years And Many More Beers!
  21. Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Your Special Birthday Today!
  22. Oh No! Today You’re Twenty But There’s Still Plenty!
  23. Tease Me About My Age and I’ll Beat You With My Cane!
  24. You’re Only As Old AS You Look And You’re Looking Pretty Good!
  27. HOLY COW LOOK WHO’S________NOW!
  28. Happy Buzzday Honey
  29. Heard You Got A Hole In One When You Were Supposed To Be Watching The Kids! Too Bad You Can’t Tell Anyone!
  30. The Old Believe Everything- The Middle-Age Suspect Everything- And The Young Know Everything!
  31. The Secret To Staying Young Is To Live Honestly, Eat Slowly, And Lie About Your Age!
  32. In Dog Years I’m Dead “(With a picture of an old saggy dog).
  33. It’s Okay To Light Your Candles On Your Birthday Cake Now. I’ve Already Alerted The Fire Department!
  34. The First Hundred Years Are The Hardest! (With a picture of a birthday cake).
  35. Inside Every Older Person Is A Younger Person Wondering What Happened!
  36. Just Remember Once You’re Over The Hill You Begin To Pick Up Speed!
  37. An Old Fart Is As Good As A New One! (With a picture of an old man blowing a fart cloud).
  38. You Know You Are Getting Old When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake! (With a picture of a birthday cake).
  39. I Heard You Got A Hat Trick For Your Birthday!!
  40. Have A Toadily Hoppy Birthday.
  41. Hoppy Birthday You Old Toad!
  42. Happy Birthday You Old Buzzard.
  43. Happy Birthday________. Happy _______ from the party animals!
  44. Happy Birthday! Someone squealed all over town ___________ is __________come party on down!
  45. Happy Birthday! Ain’t it nifty _______ is 50.
  46. Happy Birthday! Years we’ve laid in wait now ________ is buzzard bait!
  47. Happy Birthday__________. Caution old goat crossing!
  48. Happy Birthday ___________. You can count on us… we won’t udder a word!
  49. Happy Birthday____________. The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be!
  50. Happy Birthday ___________ herd your ______!
  51. Happy Birthday ___________. Now everyone nose our little stinker is ________!
  52. Happy Birthday ___________. _______ has _________ grey hares on the lawn… and a few more on the head!
  53. Happy Birthday! We hope old __________ don’t have a cow…someone said shes ________ now!
  54. __________ toadily awesome at _______!
  55. Honk and wave cause this old goat is ________ today!
  56. _____________ ________ years have come and gone look what’s landed on the lawn!
  57. ____________ put on your hat do up your coat it always seems colder to an old goat!
  58. ____________ ain’t it nifty the old goat is 50!
  59. Happy ___Birthday Pumpkin!

Some Of The Displays We’ve Done



For a reasonable rental fee add an 8 to 18 foot inflatable character to the lawn display as an additional item. Don’t worry we set then up for you. To order one with your Lawn Display please go to our Order Form. Under the additional items section and check the box next to the inflatable character that you choose to add to your lawn display. Get em good by adding an inflatable character “They won’t forget it”




We also do inside building displays for businesses, offices, hall parties, trade shows and more for only an additional $99.00 please call our office to make arrangements Ph: (780) 440-3184 Ext 1.
Business Display Outside Set ups only an additional $24.00.